Naz Noujaim[youtube http://youtu.be/oL48xqzpZ8k]

Richard & Patricia Peterson[youtube http://youtu.be/aA2pJl_RyFA]

Gary & Lavonne Meyer[youtube http://youtu.be/7lHJJ4IobDY]

Janell Percy[youtube http://youtu.be/dUlOWG92ho0]

Bob Smith – Contractor

[youtube http://youtu.be/lmszgcFVm0o]


Bob Clay is an outstanding individual who deserves to be recognized as a true pioneer in promoting commercial luxury appliances for the home.

Dale G. Seiden

Vice President, Alfresco

He has helped our company grow more profitable because of his expertise.

Mike James

Owner, Flame Connection

Bob is the strongest and most knowledgeable salesperson to represent any supplier.

J.D. Smith Jr.

Vice President Builder Operations, Arizona Wholesale Supply Company

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