What better way to enjoy nature than in the boundaries of your own home?

Outdoor living means something different things to all of us. Some people think of a swimming pool as the centerpiece of fun and entertainment, yet others may find a simple dining area in the patio does the trick.

Although there is nothing wrong with those ideas, they can seem… limited.

Outdoor living is a vast lifestyle, an enhancement of your home and life. It is a way of attaching the great outdoors to your home design, as well as, adding value to your life and property.

The most appealing element of outdoor living is that you can go wild with your imagination. It can be customized to match your preferences and landscaping needs. A pergola? A deck? A fire pit? Anything you want can be a part of your backyard.

Outdoor living spaces can bring hours of entertainment and social activities to your home. They help you create a perfect ambiance for cold winter nights when you want to entertain a few friends and roast marshmallows or a perfect setting for the summer barbeque.

Why not enhance the functionality of your home and “use” your space for maximum enjoyment. From barbeques to waterfalls there is so much you can do with the space outside your house.

If you live in the Desert, the idea of outdoor entertainment may sound very appealing to you. It can, however, get a little chilly in the Winter.

To help keep the “outdoors” alive during your Winter events, we’ve compiled different types of heating options that you can use in our backyard.

Who doesn’t love sitting by a crackling fire on a cold Winter night? The best part is that this is achievable without your venturing into the cold on a camping trip.

So what are your options?

Here are a few options you can consider if you are planning to enjoy the cold weather in the comfort of your property.

  1. Fire Pits

A fire pit can bring your backyard to life, an otherwise avoided space during the winters. The addition of a fire pit will make it the most visited place for winter evenings. With a variety of fire pits on the market, you can install anything that suits your landscape.

  • Wood Burning

A wood burning fire pits is the real deal; this is as close to a campfire as you can get while within the boundaries of your house. It uses real wood, and you will hear the fire crackling away the wood while it releases real smoke. Moreover, they are completely safe and offer the warmth of a true fire in your backyard. There are several varieties you can get in this installation such as

  1. Outdoor fireplace

You can get a permanent fireplace in your backyard or a portable kind as well.

  1. Wood burning grill

This is a fire pit that can be utilized for grilling or cooking.

  1. Stone or brick fire pit

These pits are built using stone or bricks.

  • Propane Fire Pits

These are the ultimate balance of functionality and design. They have o much to offer to your backyard design and are low maintenance as well. They are a convenient design that can fulfill versatile needs, such as ambiance, warmth and a perfect place to cook. You can get a propane fire pit that enhances your backyards functionality while keeping the mess to a minimum. Moreover, these pits are designed to mimic real wood and will not take away from the rustic feel of the area.

There are options such as copper bowl fire pit and fire pit table that you can choose from. Copper bowls usually last a very long time and are worst the investment; they are one of the most popular designs among homeowners. For a fire pit table, you can get a rim installed in an outdoor table to enjoy the warmth of a fire in a functional setting. This creates the perfect setting for a celebratory dinner or gathering.

  • Gel Fuel

Gel fuel is one of the most versatile designs for fire pits. They add a clean and odor free ambiance to your backyard while providing everything that a wooden fire pit wood. There are several options such as gel fueled logs and tabletop fireplace installed with a gel-fueled fireplace. The gel fueled logs can be placed into any fire pit design. The logs are essentially containers for the gel fuel inside a while keeping the ambiance of a fire pit intact efficiently.

  • Natural Gas Pits

If you can install a natural gas line in your backyard, there is no better option than a natural gas fire pit for you.

Where Can You Get This?

http://www.olcdist.com/fire-pits-fireplaces/ is one of the best landscapers that you will come across. They offer a variety of services including product selection, design planning, retail and wholesale. They have an experienced team that installs the perfect outdoor entertainment for you.

They offer custom-made fire pit designs, which means you can choose from any of the above and enjoy your winters while basking in the warmth of your new fireplace.

They have automated fire bowls that offer the ultimate function and are portable! You can choose from a variety of fire bowls and fire tables.

There is also a variety of fire urns that they can install for you. From Amphora Fire urns to Etruscan, the fire urns are phenomenal. In line with the latest technology, they also offer a variety of patio heaters such as Bromic. Bromic is the latest design which utilizes infrared heating technology. You can get a variety of patio heaters that are permanent designs or moveable ones. This is an excellent way to spend some time out on your patio with a portable or a permanent patio heater from olc.com.

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